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THE AYAHUASCA medicine that cleanses the body, helping to release stagnant energy and healing many different ills, Induces visions that help to understand the healing process and also to resolve conflicts, sometimes unleashing cathartic processes. Free of dogmas and imposed beliefs, it helps us to reconnect with a deep personal spirituality, and with our inner self.
It has been used for centuries without ever having seen any kind of dependency or physical or psychological addiction, and thousands of people have come to the Amazon to be cured and learn from this ancestral medicine. In fact, it has been used in many treatments for successful detoxification and drug addiction.
The ceremony
The brew is taken only during the sacred ancestral ceremony; a rite of cleansing, healing and knowledge that has survived for millennia, guided by the shaman, who also takes medicine, and with respect and prayer. It is always celebrated at nightfall and lasts five or six hours. The participants sit in a circle in silence, taking the medicine one by one. The effects start after a half hour, depending on the process of each one. The ceremony is followed by songs, icaros or songs of medicine, and mantras; a noble silence is maintained between the songs and the participant travels deep inside, receiving visions, teachings and knowledge that are revealed by the effect of the plant. Mother Ayahuasca is a strong purgative and the physical effects of medicine may include dizziness and disorientation, nausea, vomiting or other types of cleansing associated with the process of psychological, mental or emotional induced healing.
In the context of the ceremony, florid water and tobacco are used as means to both heal and pray, and also to increase or decrease the effects of the plant.
The ceremony is held in the evening, beginning at 8 pm, after fasting from lunch. It is important to realize that the decision to participate in an ayahuasca ceremony involves a desire for self-awareness and openness to the eyes of inner consciousness, an expansion of consciousness that will release repressed emotions and reveal what is really important in our relationship with our body and with others, promotes the forgiveness of people and situations that were hurtful and allows the observation of our addictions: from the most obvious physics to substances such as alcohol, tobacco and other drugs; to those of our permanent mental dialogue.

It reveals our nutritional disorders and addictions as well as our emotional imbalances. Our motivation should never be to be on a trip? or simply have an experience; ayahuasca really changes our levels of consciousness, and therefore alters our perception of who we are and of our mission on earth.
It includes:
  1. Transfer from / to TAMBOPATA RIVER to the Mystic Maloka
  2. Complete ceremony
  3. Personalized Assistance


Note: The person must be prepared for such a ceremony, both spiritually and physically, under those terms can take the service and follow special instructions before the ceremony.